Daniel Eastwell

CSS Themes - A Documentation system for Dharmafly

May - November 2012

The brief on this project was to not only create a series of CSS themes (HTML templates and CSS styles), but to structure these in a way so they could be easily added to new projects.

One example website thumbnail for each of the CSS themes created


Example of a CSS theme created - viewed on iPhone

The organisation, Dharmafly uses Github to maintain version control on many code projects. I used Github’s in-build jekyll to create the templates and develop the specification for the automation process.

Developers could then write their documentation using markdown, which is easily readable (for example, it’s used by the UK government by their website content editors).

The developers would then choose a theme, and other project settings, then run the automation. The site would be built.

Example of a CSS theme created - web font title, svg logo element

The CSS was build so the minimum amount of images would be used, SVG was chosen for graphic elements, so that colour theming would be simple. I wrestled with techniques such as SVG background images, and SVG data URIs to achieve this.

Work covered