Daniel Eastwell

4oD Website Relaunch for Channel 4

February 2010 - October 2011

For the 4oD relaunch I worked as a Front End senior developer closely with the external designers and the internal engineers. The site got a complete rebuild and redesign, and included new personalisation features.

screenshot of the 4od site, showing open custom dropdown


This was a great project to be involved in. Designed by the Ostmodern agency and developed by an in-house team (comprising four front end developers), we quickly prototyped a fairly high fidelity version of the initial mock-ups. These were very helpful in working out interaction and user experience with the designers.

The work was completed in an Agile environment, and functionality was iteratively integrated into the framework - it was essential that the code, especially the CSS was modular and flexible enough to cope with placement in any context and with varied page load orders and any number of unknown third party scripts.

My process was to conduct a workshop with the front end team looking over the designs and grouping the modules that are likely to be used across the site straight into a new stylesheet.

By the end of the first afternoon, we had an outline for the whole site and the modules were then fleshed out and deployed across the site sections.

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