Daniel Eastwell

Application: a registration system for Backr.net

June 2012

A single page sign up app, allowing users to choose a career path and pass this info on to Backr to set up mentoring. Now replaced with the live Backr.net site, see a demo version of the site here.

screenshot of the backr site showing a selected career network with joined circles containing related career information


This site was built to enhnance an standard sign up form and to give a flavour of the final site, which allows young people to connect with experienced professionals for mentoring.

The solution was to construct the data for a single form over several ‘pages’. The pages were compiled from a configuration object and templates with javascript - without, the user still gets the sign up form.

Users could fill in their desired career path, then be given a list of related careers displayed as a network. As these related careers were updatable and changed per use, the solution was to dynamically build the network using underscore.js to draw the network elements using a mixture of SVG (rendered with pablo and CSS generated content).

Work covered